How to Add Subtitles to a Youtube video that is not yours

Adding subtitles to a Youtube video is a great way to improve the viewer’s experience, especially if the video is in a foreign language. Unfortunately, this can be a challenging endeavor if you do not own the video.

This problem requires creativity and knowledge of available resources. Fortunately, it is possible to solve this problem, which involves a few steps. This article will explore the issue and agitate the options before presenting the ultimate solution.

How to add subtitles to a youtube video that is not yours

Short answer: You can add subtitles to a YouTube video that is not yours by downloading the video and using a third-party video editing software to add subtitles. You can then reupload the video to your YouTube channel with subtitles.

If the video you want to add subtitles to is not yours, you can manually download and add subtitles to the media. To download subtitles for YouTube videos, use third-party services like

1. Downloading Subtitles for YouTube Videos

First, open the video you want to subtitle and copy its URL address from the Address Bar. Then, head to and paste the URL address into the “Paste your link here” textbox. Once pasted, click the “Download” button. will generate multiple subtitle files, and you can choose to download the one that matches the language of the video. It is essential to ensure that you pick the correct terminology so the subtitles fit the dialogue in the video.

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2. Using Third-Party Services to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

You can also use third-party services like and to add subtitles to your YouTube videos. All you need to do is upload the video file to their platform and enter the language in the video.

Once the subtitles are generated, you can preview them and make any necessary edits before saving and downloading them. The subtitles will be in the SubRip subtitle (.srt) format that can be easily added to YouTube videos.

3. Creating Your Subtitle Files for YouTube Videos

If you don’t want to use third-party services, you can create your subtitle files for YouTube videos. Many online tools and resources exist for creating subtitles and even free software.

One popular free subtitle editor for Windows is Jubler. It is pretty simple to use and has many features, including the ability to adjust the font size and style of the subtitles, add images or logos to them, and preview them as you edit.

Once you’ve finalized the subtitles, save them in the SubRip format. To add them to the video, go to YouTube Video Manager and click the “Subtitles/CC” option. Select the language and upload the file with the subtitles. That’s it – you’ve now added subtitles to a YouTube video that isn’t yours!

Optimizing Subtitles for YouTube Videos for SEO

Adding subtitles to a YouTube video that is not yours is possible, but it requires some extra set-up steps to optimize your videos for search engine optimization (SEO). Knowing how to add subtitles will give you an edge over other search engine users by making it easier for viewers to locate and watch your videos.

Step 1: Research Potential Languages

Before adding subtitles to a YouTube video, it is essential to research the target audience to determine what languages would be most beneficial to add. Your research should include specific demographic information and highlight which languages would benefit video viewers. This will help you narrow your language options to determine the best language to add subtitles to.

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Step 2: Add Closed Captions

Once you have determined the language to add subtitles, you must add closed captions to the video. YouTube provides tools to help you add closed captions, such as the YouTube Subtitle Maker. This tool lets you upload a video to YouTube and easily add closed captions. You can also add closed captioning to videos stored on your computer, but this process is more time-consuming.

Step 3: Choose a Translation Service

You must use a translation service to add subtitles to a video, not in your chosen language. Translation services are available online, so research which service suits your needs. Once you have selected a translation service, you can upload the video and have it translated.

Step 4: Create a Subtitle File

Once the translation has been completed, you must create a subtitle file in the selected language. YouTube provides a tool that helps you create these files, and you can also use third-party subtitle-creation software. Once you have completed the subtitle file, upload it to YouTube or embed it in your video.

Step 5: Publish the Subtitles

After completing the previous steps, you can publish the subtitles. YouTube provides an easy way to post subtitles by allowing you to upload the subtitle file directly to YouTube. Once you have uploaded the file, you can select the language you want to publish the subtitles. You can also check the “Show Subtitles” box in the YouTube Video Manager to tell YouTube to show the subtitles in the video.

Following these steps, you can easily add subtitles to a YouTube video that is not yours. This will allow you to reach a larger audience and ensure that your videos are SEO-friendly. Adding subtitles is an integral part of optimizing your videos for search engine optimization, so take some time to familiarize yourself with the process.

Final words

In conclusion, creating subtitles for a YouTube video that is not yours can be done by having a professional foreign language expert create them or using the YouTube or 3PlayMedia online subtitling platform.

Both of these methods are relatively straightforward and will significantly improve the accessibility of a video to viewers in different countries and with varying language competencies. No matter which way you choose, subtitles can add value to your viewership—but always remember to make sure that you have the permission of the video creator if you are subtitling their video!

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