How to Fix Firestick Subtitles not Working

Are you struggling with Firestick subtitles not working?

If so, you are in the right place. Subtitles are an essential way to watch videos for many viewers, yet sometimes Firestick subtitles can be frustrating when they don’t display correctly or can’t be found. Not to worry though – this problem can be solved with the right solutions.

How to turn on subtitles on Firestick

Short answer: To turn on subtitles on Firestick, go to Settings > Accessibility > Caption Mode and select On. Select Preferred Caption Language and set the language you need. Finally, choose On next to Caption Style to adjust the font size and color of the subtitles.

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Are you wondering how to turn on subtitles on Firestick? If so, read on to learn how to turn on subtitles on Amazon’s streaming device. Subtitles make content easier to follow and are especially helpful if

you are hard of hearing. To get subtitles for your favorite movies or tv shows while watching on your Amazon Firestick, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the Settings Menu

First, you’ll need to open the settings menu by navigating to the Fire TV home screen, selecting the cog at the top, or pushing the same button on your Fire TV controller.

Step 2: Select Accessibility

Once you’ve opened the settings menu, click on the tab titled ‘Accessibility.’ It is located right underneath ‘Networking and General.’

Step 3: Select Subtitles

In the Accessibility tab, select the ‘Subtitles’ option and click “On” to turn the subtitles on. Next, you’ll notice a ‘Style’ option for subtitles and other options. You can change the subtitles’ style, customize the color, size, and font, and even select a specific language.

Step 4: Save Settings

Once you’ve adjusted the settings to your preference, hit the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the Fire TV menu to save your changes.

Now you’ve successfully turned on subtitles on Amazon Firestick. So enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows with subtitles!

Why are my Firestick subtitles not working

Subscribers can be incredibly helpful when watching movies or television shows on a Firestick device. For viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, subtitles are an essential component of the viewing experience.

However, sometimes Firestick subtitles don’t work correctly and can’t be seen. To ensure you can take full advantage of your device’s subtitle capabilities, here are some reasons why Firestick subtitles may not work.

Reason 1: Closed Captioning (Captioning) Is Disabled

One of the most common issues regarding Firestick subtitles not working is that the Closed Captioning (CC) option has been turned off. This can often happen when someone watches a movie without subtitles but doesn’t realize CC is on and then turns it off.

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Reason 2: The Subtitles Are Not Available for the Particular Media Content

Another common cause is that the subtitles aren’t available for the particular media content you’re trying to watch. This might be because the show or movie itself doesn’t have subtitles available, or it could be that the service you are streaming through (i.e., Netflix) doesn’t support subtitles for that particular piece of content.

In this case, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the subtitles working.

Reason 3: The Firestick Display Language Is Not Set Up Correctly

Another potential issue is that the Firestick’s display language isn’t set up correctly and is, therefore, not displaying the subtitles. This is easily fixed by entering the Firestick settings, selecting your language from the list of options, and resetting the display language. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to get your subtitles up and running.

Reason 4: The Audio Track Is Not Set Up Correctly

One of the common causes of Firestick subtitles not working is an incorrect audio track setup. If the audio track is set to something like a foreign language, or a language other than the one the subtitles are in, the subtitles won’t work. To ensure your subtitles come through correctly, check the device’s audio track settings and ensure it’s set to the same language as the subtitle tracks.

Reason 5: The Media Player You’re Using Does Not Support Subtitles

Another reason Firestick subtitles may not work is that your media player does not support subtitles. Some media players do not keep subtitle files and will block them altogether. So if you’re attempting to watch a video with subtitles on a media player that doesn’t help them, your subtitles won’t work.

Reason 6: Your Internet Connection Is Too Slow

Firestick subtitles sometimes fail to work correctly due to your internet connection. For example, if your internet connection is too slow, your Firestick device may be unable to load the subtitle files in time, resulting in the subtitles not working properly. Ensure your subtitles come through correctly and your internet connection is strong.

Reason 7: Your Firestick Device Is Outdated

Finally, Firestick subtitles may not work correctly if your device is outdated. Firestick often releases new software updates that can help improve playback quality and other features, like subtitles. If your device is obsolete, you may not play subtitles correctly. To ensure this isn’t a factor, check to see if your device has any available software updates and install them if possible.

Fix: Firestick subtitles are not working

If your Firestick subtitles aren’t working, there’s likely a simple solution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to troubleshoot the problem and get your subtitles working again.

Fix 1: Check That Closed Captioning is Enabled

The first step in troubleshooting Firestick subtitles is to check that the Closed Captioning (or Captioning) is enabled and working. To do this, navigate to the Firestick Home screen, select Settings, then Accessibility. Once inside Accessibility, select Subtitles and make sure it is enabled.

Fix 2: Check if Media Player Supports Subtitles

To fix this issue, switch to a different media player supporting subtitles. For example, you might want to check out Plex, Kodi, or Windows Media Player.

Fix 3: Check If Subtitles are Available for the Particular Media Content

Some media content, such as movies and TV shows, come with subtitles available. Others don’t. Before moving on to further troubleshooting steps, make sure the media you are playing has subtitles available for it. To do this, navigate to the Available Subtitles section within Accessibility. You should see a list of available subtitles for your particular media.

Fix 4: Check if Firestick Display Language Is Set Up Correctly

If the media does have subtitles available, but they’re still not working, it is likely the display language of the Firestick is set up incorrectly. Navigate to Settings, System, Language, and Locale to fix this. You can select the language you want to use as your display language.

Fix 5: Check if Audio Track Is Not Set Up Correctly

Ensure the video’s audio track is correctly configured to fix this issue. This involves checking the audio settings of the media player in use and ensuring that the audio and video synchronization is set correctly.

Fix 6: Check Internet Connection

To fix this issue, try to speed up the internet connection by changing the device’s DNS settings or upgrading to a faster internet plan.

Fix 7: Update Firestick Device

To fix this issue, ensure your Firestick device is up to date. This can quickly be done by heading to the ‘Settings’ menu and selecting the ‘System Updates option.

Final words

In conclusion, firestick subtitles not working can be troublesome when watching movies or television shows. However, there are a few solutions that can help fix the issue. First, users can try to ensure the streaming device and subtitles are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Also, some services may not support subtitles while others do, so researching which services do or do not will help. Finally, reinstalling the subtitle app, updating the firmware, and other troubleshooting options should do the trick if all else fails.

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