Fix: Apple TV app Subtitles not Working

Apple TV app subtitles are not working is a significant issue for people with hearing impairments who rely on subtitles to understand the program they are watching. For everybody, a bad movie or TV series experience can be frustrating when subtitles stop working.

Fortunately, understanding why subtitles may not be showing on the Apple TV app and how to fix them can make watching movies and series on Apple TV enjoyable for everyone.

How to turn subtitles on Apple TV app

Short answer: To turn on subtitles on the Apple TV app, open the Settings menu by pressing the Options button on the Apple TV’s remote and selecting Subtitles. Choose the subtitle language you want to display, then turn on the toggle switch next to Subtitles/Closed Captions.

If you’re like many people and enjoy watching movies and TV shows in different languages from the comfort of your home, then learning how to turn subtitles on Apple TV will be invaluable.

To start, open the Apple TV app and navigate to the video you want to watch. Once the video is playing, look for the audio and subtitle descriptions on the screen.

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If you can’t locate this information, you can usually find it by pressing the up, down, and right cursor buttons together. This will bring up the Info page, where you can select your desired subtitles option from the list that appears.

Another way to access the options for subtitles is to tap the touchpad on your Apple TV remote in the upper-right corner of the screen. This action will bring up the sound, brightness, playback, and subtitles menus on-screen. Select “subtitle” from this list to turn subtitles for the video on or off.

Once you’ve selected your desired subtitle settings, the subtitles will appear on-screen as soon as the following video begins. You can also adjust the size and appearance of the subtitles by tapping and holding on to the remote’s touchpad for additional menu items.

Suppose the video you’re watching contains multiple languages. In that case, you’ll often be able to select which wording for the subtitles you’d like to view and a few other customizable options.

Now that you know how to turn subtitles on Apple TV, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in various languages. Enjoy!

Why aren’t subtitles working on Apple TV?

Are you having trouble getting subtitles to work on your Apple TV? Don’t panic – here are some tips to help you get your subtitles working correctly.

Reason 1: Outdated software version

The first step in troubleshooting subtitle issues on your Apple TV is to ensure you have the latest version of the software installed. To do this, go to the main Settings menu, then “Software Update.” Follow the on-screen instructions to check for available updates and install them if necessary.

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Reason 2: Subtitle Feature may not be enabled

If you do not see any subtitles, check to ensure the subtitle feature is enabled in the settings menu. Go to the main Settings menu, then “Video and Audio,” and find the “Subtitles” settings. Turn the toggle switch to “On” and close the settings menu. Check to see if the subtitles are now working correctly.

Reason 3: Incorrect Audio Output Settings

Another possible issue could be that your audio output settings are not correctly configured. Some audio receivers may not support specific subtitle formats, so you may need to change the output settings.

Go to the main Settings menu, then “Audio Output.” Change the settings to match your audio receiver, then close the menu. Try playing the video again and see if the subtitles now appear.

Reason 4: Video Playback Settings

The next step in troubleshooting why your subtitles aren’t working is to verify that the video playback settings have been correctly adjusted in the Apple TV settings. To access these settings, open the main menu on your Apple TV and find the Settings section. Once in the Settings section, go to the Video Playback section and adjust the subtitle settings.

By default, Apple TVs should have the “Auto-play Subtitles” option enabled. This option allows your subtitles to play when you start a video automatically. If this option isn’t enabled, you can try enabling it and then restart your Apple TV to see if this solves the issue.

Reason 5: Subtitles may not be Included in the Video

Ensure the subtitles are included in the video you’re trying to play. This is especially important for movies and shows from outside sources since many videos don’t have subtitles by default.

You can verify this by checking the video’s file type or the on-screen description. If the video file type does not indicate that subtitles are included, you will likely be unable to access them on your Apple TV.

Reason 6: Unstable Internet Connection

Lastly, ensuring your internet connection is stable enough to stream the video with subtitles is essential. If your Apple TV is connected to a slow or unstable internet connection, it won’t be able to access the subtitles or video content.

We recommend connecting your Apple TV to a more stable internet connection, or, if your existing relationship is sound, try restarting it and then try streaming the video again.

Fix: Apple TV app subtitles are not working

Fix 1: Check the Software Version

The first step is ensuring your Apple TV runs the latest software version. This can be done by selecting the “Settings” menu and selecting the “Software Update” option. Follow the instructions to update your Apple TV to the latest version.

Fix 2: Enable Subtitle Feature

Next, you need to make sure that the subtitle feature is enabled. For this, go to the “Settings” menu again and select “Video and Audio.” From here, make sure the “Allow subtitles” option is selected.

Fix 3: Check Audio Output Settings

Update your audio settings if the subtitles are still not working. Go to the “Settings” menu again and select the “Audio Output” option. From here, make sure that the correct output settings are chosen. This should solve the problem and get the subtitles working on your Apple TV.

Fix 4: Ensure that the Video Playback Settings Have Been Correctly Adjusted

If the subtitles fail on your Apple TV, you should check the video playback settings first. To do this, launch the Settings app from the home screen of your Apple TV and select Video Playback.

Once in Video Playback, look for an option to turn subtitles on or off. Some Apple TVs even offer an opportunity to set the language for subtitles. Ensure that this option has been set correctly, and double-check that the subtitles are marked as “on.”

Fix 5: Confirm That the Subtitles Are Included in the Video

In some cases, the issue with the subtitles may have nothing to do with the settings of your Apple TV. Instead, it’s possible that the video file you’re trying to play does not contain any subtitles.

In this case, there is not much you can do to fix this other than find a different version of the video that does contain the subtitles.

Fix 6: Verify That You Have a Stable Internet Connection

Lastly, there may be an issue with your internet connection if the subtitles fail to appear on your Apple TV. Check the link by launching the Network settings from the Apple TV home screen to ensure this is not true.

Once in Network, run a speed test to ensure you have a solid and stable internet connection. If not, consider resetting your router or calling your ISP for further assistance.

If none of the solutions listed here work, you may consider resetting your Apple TV or contacting customer support for further assistance.

Final words

In conclusion, Apple TV app subtitles not working is a prevalent issue. This can be very frustrating, but fortunately, some potential solutions can help. From restarting the app to checking settings, these solutions can help resolve the problem and get your subtitles working again. Although Apple TV app subtitles not working can be irritating, it is fixable.

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